Primary (3-6 years)

Mornings/Full days for 5 and up

Class Supply List

Primary Supply List 2021-22

Around the age of three, the child is ready to move into the more complex and exciting world of the primary classroom. Specifically designed materials children to continue their exploration in a more structured way. Practical life excercises, such as wood polishing and watering plants, help the child gain mastery of his/her body.

Sensorial materials help him/her to discriminate and classify aspects of his/her environment. Language and mathematics come from hands-on materials which lay a concrete foundation for future learning

Toddler class

Social experience is an integral part of life in the classroom younger children learn from the older ones and the older children learn how to help the younger ones.

Once he is five, a child has developed the physical and mental capacity to stay at school all day. With a smaller group of children in the afternoon, he/she has time to work with peers on more academic tasks and to become prepared for the move into the elementary classroom.

Toddler class