Middle School (12-14 yr)

Full days

Employing Montessori’s principles to achieve the “valorization of the personality, “ Keystone’s Middle school program uses the energy, growth and tremendous academic, social and ethical potential of the adolescent in an interdisciplinary approach to learning. These young people move toward self-sufficiency, self-respect, and self-confidence while appreciating our human interdependency, working in joyous collaboration, and make meaningful contributions to their society.

Within a two-year cycle, the students learn World History and Geography, American History and Government, Constitutional Issues, and analyze current events. They learn critical reading skills in works ranging widely in the disciplines, writing, editing, and public speaking skills in the presentation of their work. Our studies in mathematics, emphasize theoretical and pratical problem solving in Advanced Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry. Science covers in-depth explorations in Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics.

Middle class

Each member of the Middle School Community gives several hours each month in service to the school and to the greater community in class-sponsored activities. The students are active in local sports groups and activities. The Middle School curriculum strives to develop each student’s independence, personal responsibility, academic strength, and sense of social justice through service to others, in an effort to address and cultivate the needs of the “whole” adolescent.

Middle class working